TOP Analysis software THE DATA THAT MATTERS ...
is a multi-discipline tool designed to eliminate the obstacles encountered when evaluating thermal oil sand projects, with a specific focus on operations utilizing SAGD technology. • All production and injection volumes
• Observation well pressures & temperatures
• Operating pressures and temperatures
• Directional drilling and completion details
And charts into Excel IN A WAY THAT MAKES SENSE
The data export allows you to export any available volumetric or drilling data for all wells our groups in the configuration of your choice on a single data tab.  This export allows the user to create an export that can be seamlessly utilized in previously-generated temp

A number of report options are available by default, including the following:

Comparison – Reports for comparing specific data from each object selected.
Count – Report will display the number of total wells (drilled or operating) for each object selected, creating a new tab per object.
Drilling Reports
Export – Create a flat file with any piece of data available for all levels of association below the selected object. Export by associations or by the individual wells.
Pressure/Temperature – Reports that will export pressure and temperature data for all wells associated below the selected object.
Source/Disposal/Gas Cap – Reports that will export data for all wells associated below the selected object.
– Reports that will create a separate data tab (and chart if applicable) for each object selected in the object list.

 Project associations down to the pair level
• Quick view charts and mapped drilling paths
• Export data and customize charts in excel
• Compare any number of companies, projects, pads, well pairs or infill wells
• Custom reports and project lists
• Identified regulatory applications and enhanced fluids

Linking wells to pairs, pairs to pads, and pads to projects is a time-consuming requirements of SAGD evaluation. The TOP Analysis tree view allows for quick analysis at various levels of any project, and is updated automatically as new wells are reported or drilled.

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View a topographical map showing the SAGD companies, projects, pads, and pairs by geographical location. See the well drilling paths.

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Data is presented using standard report templates based on typical SAGD evaluation techniques. Select Monthly, Calendar Day, or Production Day volumes. Build a type well through the average function. Save project lists for quick reference. Request custom reports based on individual needs.

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Search by company, project, application number, application type, key word search, or sort by any column. Description updated to better explain application request.

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